Schedule of Courses: Electrical and Computer Engineering: 2023-2024


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Lower Division
Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
ECE8: Robot Automation: Intelligence through Feedback Control
ECE9: Statics and Mechanics of Materials
ECE10: Fundamentals of Robot Kinematics and Dynamics
ECE11: Three-D prototyping
ECE13: Computer Systems and C Programming
ECE30: Engineering Principles of Electronics
ECE80B: Engineering Innovations for Medicine and Natural Sciences
ECE80E: Engineering Ethics
ECE80G: Creating and Financing a Sustainable Startup in the Global Economy
ECE80H: Bending the Curve: Solutions to Climate Change
ECE80J: Renewable Energy Sources
ECE80S: Sustainability Engineering and Practice
ECE80T: Modern Electronic Technology and How It Works
ECE81C: Designing a Sustainable Future
Upper Division
Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
ECE101: Introduction to Electronic Circuits
ECE101L: Introduction to Electronic Circuits Laboratory
ECE102: Properties of Materials
  • Section 01
    Nobby Kobayashi (nkobayas)
    Session 1, In Person
ECE102L: Properties of Materials Laboratory
  • Section 01
    Nobby Kobayashi (nkobayas)
    Session 1, In Person
ECE103: Signals and Systems
ECE103L: Signals and Systems Lab
ECE104: Bio-electronics and Bio-instrumentations
ECE110: Brain-Inspired Machine Learning
ECE115: Introduction to Solid Mechanics
ECE118: Introduction to Mechatronics
ECE118L: Introduction to Mechatronics Laboratory
ECE121: Microcontroller System Design
ECE122A: Collaborative Sustainability Project Design
ECE122B: Collaborative Sustainability Project Implementation
ECE122C: Collaborative Sustainability Project Implementation
ECE129A: Capstone Project I
ECE129B: Capstone Project II
  • Section 02
    Stephen C Petersen (ac6p)
    HIMADRI BASU (hbasu)
ECE129C: Capstone Project III
ECE130: Introduction to Optoelectronics and Photonics
ECE130L: Introduction to Optoelectronics Laboratory
ECE135: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ECE135L: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Laboratory
ECE136: Engineering Electromagnetics
ECE141: Feedback Control Systems
  • Section 01
    Dejan Milutinovic (dmilutin)
    Session 1, In person
ECE145: Estimation and Introduction to Control of Stochastic Processes
ECE149: Introduction to Cyber-physical Systems
ECE151: Communications Systems
  • Section 01
    Hamid R Sadjadpour (hamid)
    Session 2, In Person
ECE152: Introduction to Wireless Communications
ECE153: Digital Signal Processing
ECE157: RF Hardware Design
ECE157L: RF Hardware Design
ECE163: Introduction to Small-Scale UAV Theory and Practice
ECE167: Sensing and Sensor Technologies
ECE167L: Sensing and Sensor Technologies Lab
ECE169: Electric Machinery and Control
ECE170: Advanced Power Electronics
ECE171: Analog Electronics
ECE171L: Analog Electronics Laboratory
ECE172: Advanced Analog Circuits
ECE173: High-Speed Digital Design
ECE173L: High-Speed Digital Design Laboratory
ECE174: Introduction to EDA Tools for PCB Design
ECE175: Energy Generation and Control
ECE175L: Energy Generation and Control Laboratory
ECE176: Energy Conversion and Control
ECE176L: Energy Conversion and Control Laboratory
ECE177: Power Electronics
ECE177L: Power Electronics Laboratory
ECE178: Device Electronics
ECE179: Decision Analysis in Management
ECE180J: Advanced Renewable Energy Sources, Storage, and Smart Grids
ECE181J: Renewable Energy Sources in Practice
ECE183: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
ECE185: Introduction to the US Electricity Industry
Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
ECE201: Introduction to Nanotechnology
ECE203: Nanocharacterization of Materials
ECE204: Bio-Electronics And Bio-Instrumentations
ECE205: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics
ECE207: Nanomaterials and Nanometer-scale Device
ECE210: Brain-Inspired Machine Learning
ECE215: Models of Robotic Manipulation
ECE216: Bio-inspired Locomotion
ECE218: Mechatronics
ECE218L: Mechatronics
ECE220: Introduction to Imaging Instrumentation: Physics, Engineering, and Application
ECE221: Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits
ECE222: High-Speed Low-Power Integrated Circuit Design
ECE224: Device Electronics
ECE225: Semiconductor Processing and Bandgap Engineering
ECE226: CMOS Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design
ECE227: Fundamentals of Semiconductor Physics
ECE228: Engineering of Thin Film Deposition
ECE229: Quantum Electronics
ECE230: Optical Fiber Communication
ECE231: Optical Electronics
ECE232: Integrated Biophotonics
ECE236: Optics and Microscopy
ECE237: Image Processing and Reconstruction
ECE240: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
ECE241: Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
ECE242: Applied Feedback Control
ECE243: System Identification
ECE244: Digital Control
ECE245: Estimation and Introduction to Control of Stochastic Processes
ECE246: Hybrid Dynamical Systems
ECE249: Introduction to Cyber-physical Systems
ECE250: Digital Signal Processing
ECE251: Principles of Digital Communications
ECE252: Wireless Communications
ECE253: Introduction to Information Theory
ECE254: Radar, Synthetic Aperture Radar, and ISAR
ECE255: Error Control Coding
ECE256: Statistical Signal Processing
ECE258: Introduction to Inverse Problems
ECE263: Small-Scale UAV Theory and Practice
ECE269: Electric Machinery and Control
ECE270: Advanced Power Electronics
ECE275: Energy Market, Policy, and Modeling
ECE279: Optimization and Control for Electric Power Systems
ECE280A: Current topics in Applied Microscopy and Neuronal Imaging
ECE280B: Seminar on Integrated Bioelectronics
ECE280C: Seminar on Control
ECE280D: Graduate Research Seminar
ECE280M: Seminar on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
ECE280N: Seminar on Nanophotonics and Lab-on-Chip Systems
ECE280O: Seminar on Applied Optics
ECE280Q: Seminar on Quantum Electronics and Nanoelectronics
ECE280Z: Seminar on Smart Grids and Data Analytics
ECE283: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
ECE290: EE Graduate Seminar
ECE291: Tomorrow's Professors, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs
ECE293: Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering