ECE149: Introduction to Cyber-physical Systems

Presents the basic concepts and tools for the study of cyber-physical systems, including modeling and analysis tools for continuous-time and discrete-time systems, finite state machines, stateflow, timed and hybrid automata, concurrency, invariants, linear temporal logic, verification, and numerical simulation. Students are guided on methods for simulation and encouraged to apply them to several applications. The course is self-contained. Students are expected to have a basic background in logic circuits, programming, the mathematical modeling of dynamical systems (course 8 is recommended), differential equations, linear algebra, and basic calculus. Knowledge of MATLAB/Simulink is useful. Students cannot receive credit for this course and course 249. (Formerly CMPE 149) Prerequisite(s): ECE 100 and ECE 100L or equivalent, and CSE 13E or ECE 13 or equivalent.

5 credits

Year Fall Winter Spring Summer

Formerly CMPE 0149

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