ECE240: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

Introduction to applied linear algebra and linear dynamical systems with applications to circuits, signal processing, communications, and control systems. Topics include the following: Least-squares approximations of over-determined equations and least-norm solutions of underdetermined equations. Symmetric matrices, matrix norm and singular value decomposition. Eigenvalues, left and right eigenvectors, and dynamical interpretation. Matrix exponential, stability, and asymptotic behavior. Multi-input multi-output systems, impulse and step matrices; convolution and transfer matrix descriptions. Control, reachability, state transfer, and least-norm inputs. Observability and least-squares state estimation.

5 credits

Year Fall Winter Spring Summer
  • Section 01
    Gabe Elkaim (elkaim)
    Gabriel Andres Intriago (gintriag)

Formerly CMPE 0240

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