Schedule of Courses: Computer Science and Engineering: 2023-2024


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Lower Division
Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
CSE3: Personal Computer Concepts: Software and Hardware
CSE5J: Introduction to Programming in Java
CSE12: Computer Systems and Assembly Language and Lab
CSE13E: Embedded Systems and C Programming
CSE13L: Computer Systems and C Programming Laboratory
CSE13S: Comp Sys and C Program
CSE16: Applied Discrete Mathematics
CSE20: Beginning Programming in Python
CSE30: Programming Abstractions: Python
CSE40: Machine Learning Basics: Data Analysis and Empirical Methods
CSE50: Business Information Systems
CSE58: Systems Analysis and Design
CSE80A: Universal Access: Disability, Technology, and Society
CSE80C: Starting a New Technology Company
CSE80N: Introduction to Networking and the Internet
CSE80S: Social Networks
Upper Division
Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
CSE100: Logic Design
  • Section 01
    Martine Schlag (martine)
    Ethan Sifferman (esifferm)
CSE100L: Logic Design Laboratory
  • Section 01
    Martine Schlag (martine)
    Ethan Sifferman (esifferm)
CSE101: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
CSE101M: Mathematical Thinking for Computer Science
CSE101x: Algorithms and Abstract Data Types (Last Offered Fall '19)
CSE102: Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
CSE103: Computational Models
CSE104: Computability and Computational Complexity
CSE105: Modern Algorithmic Toolbox
CSE106: Applied Graph Theory and Algorithms
CSE107: Probability and Statistics for Engineers (formerly Math Systems: Stochastic)
CSE108: Algorithmic Foundations of Cryptography
CSE109: Quantum Computing
CSE110A: Fundamentals of Compiler Design I
CSE110B: Fundamentals of Compiler Design II
CSE111: Advanced Programming
CSE112: Comparative Programming Languages
CSE113: Parallel Programming
CSE114A: Foundations of Programming Languages
CSE114B: Functional Programming
CSE115A: Introduction to Software Engineering
CSE115B: Software Design Project
CSE115C: Software Design Project II
CSE115D: Software Design Project - Accelerated
CSE117: Open Source Programming
CSE118: Mobile Applications
CSE119: Software for Society
CSE120: Computer Architecture
CSE121: Embedded System Design
CSE122: Introduction to VLSI Digital System Design
CSE123A: Engineering Design Project I
CSE123B: Engineering Design Project II
CSE125: Logic Design with Verilog
CSE129A: Capstone Project I
CSE129B: Capstone Project II
CSE129C: Capstone Project III
CSE130: Principles of Computer Systems Design
CSE132: Computer Security
CSE134: Embedded Operating Systems
CSE138: Distributed Systems
CSE140: Artificial Intelligence
CSE142: Machine Learning and Data Mining
CSE143: Introduction to Natural Language Processing
CSE144: Applied Machine Learning: Deep Learning
CSE145: Introduction to Data Mining
CSE146: Ethics & Algorithms
CSE150: Introduction to Computer Networks
CSE151: Advanced Computer Networks (formerly Network Administration)
CSE151L: Advanced Computer Networks Laboratory
CSE152: Principles of Computer Communication
CSE156: Network Programming
CSE156L: Network Programming Laboratory
CSE157: Internet of Things
CSE160: Introduction to Computer Graphics
CSE160L: Introduction to Computer Graphics Laboratory
CSE161: Introduction to Data Visualization
CSE161L: Data Visualization Lab
CSE162: Advanced Computer Graphics and Animation
CSE162L: Advanced Computer Graphics and Animation Lab
CSE163: Data Programming for Visualization
CSE164: Computer Vision
CSE165: Human-Computer Interaction
CSE166A: Game Theory and Applications I
CSE166B: Game Theory and Applications II
CSE167: Mobile Sensing and Interaction
CSE168: Introduction to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
CSE170: Management of Technology Seminar
CSE171A: Management of Technology I
CSE172B: Management of Technology II
CSE173: Financial Engineering & Management in High Technology Firms
CSE174: Decision Analysis in Management
CSE175: Business Strategy and Information Systems
CSE180: Database Systems I
CSE181: Database Systems II
CSE182: Introduction to Database Management Systems
CSE183: Web Applications
CSE184: Data Wrangling and Web Scraping
CSE185E: Technical Writing for Computer Science and Engineering
CSE185S: Technical Writing and Communication in Computer Science
CSE186: Full Stack Web Development I
CSE187: Full Stack Web Development II
CSE191: Computer Science and Technology Seminar
Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
CSE200: Research and Teaching in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Section 01
    Harikrishna Santhosh Kuttivelil (hkuttive)
CSE201: Analysis of Algorithms
CSE202: Combinatorial Algorithms
CSE204: Computational Models and Complexity
CSE205: Logic in Computer Science
CSE206C: Foundations of Modern Cryptography
CSE207: Graph Algorithms
CSE208: Introduction to Information Theory
CSE209: Evolutionary Game Theory
CSE209A: Modern Algorithmic Toolbox
CSE210A: Programming Languages
CSE210B: Advanced Programming Languages
CSE211: Compiler Design
CSE212A: Software Engineering
CSE212B: Software Reuse and Component-Based Software Engineering
CSE214: Principles of Database Systems
CSE215: Design and Implementation of Database Systems
CSE216: Formal Methods
CSE220: Computer Architecture
CSE221: Advanced Microprocessor Design
CSE221L: Advanced Microprocessor Design Laboratory
CSE222A: VLSI Digital System Design
CSE222B: VLSI System-on-a-Chip Design
CSE225: Introduction to ASIC Systems Design
CSE226: Advanced Parallel Processing
CSE228A: Agile Hardware Design
CSE229: Field-Programmable Gate Arrays Computer-Assisted Design
CSE231: Advanced Operating Systems
CSE232: Distributed Systems
CSE233: Advanced Computer Security
CSE234: Understanding Cryptography
CSE235: Cyber-Physical Systems Security
CSE237: Storage Systems
CSE240: Artificial Intelligence
CSE241: Knowledge Engineering
CSE242: Machine Learning
CSE243: Data Mining
CSE244A: Foundations of Deep Learning
CSE244B: Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing
CSE244C: Deep Learning for Advanced Computer Vision
CSE245: Computational Models of Discourse and Dialogue
CSE246: Responsible Data Science
CSE247: Projects in Artificial Intelligence
CSE248: Foundations of Data Science
CSE249: Large-Scale Web Analytics and Machine Learning
CSE250A: Computer Networks
CSE250B: Principles of Computer Communication
CSE250C: High Speed Computer Networks
CSE253: Network Security
CSE257: Wireless and Mobile Networks
CSE258: Spectral Graph Theory
CSE259: Sensor Networks
CSE260: Computer Graphics
CSE261: Advanced Visualization
CSE262: Computer Animation
CSE263: Data Driven Discovery and Visualization
CSE264: Image Analysis and Computer Vision
CSE265: Human-Computer Interaction
CSE266A: Data Visualization and Statistical Programming in R
CSE266B: Advanced Statistical Programming in R
CSE266C: Introduction to Data Wrangling
CSE272: Information Retrieval
CSE276: Optimization Theory and Applications
CSE277: Random Process Models in Engineering
CSE279: Data Mining and Business Analytics in Knowledge Services
CSE280A: Seminar in Computer Science Research
CSE280C: Graduate Research Seminar
CSE280D: Seminar in Database Systems
CSE280F: Seminar on Software Engineering
CSE280G: VLSI/CAD Seminar
  • Section 01
    Scott Beamer (sbeamer)
    Jose Renau (renau)
    Heiner Litz (hlitz)
    Dustin Richmond (durichmo)
    Matthew Guthaus (mrg)
  • Section 01
    Scott Beamer (sbeamer)
    Jose Renau (renau)
    Dustin Richmond (durichmo)
    Heiner Litz (hlitz)
    Matthew Guthaus (mrg)
  • Section 01
    Scott Beamer (sbeamer)
    Jose Renau (renau)
    Heiner Litz (hlitz)
    Dustin Richmond (durichmo)
    Matthew Guthaus (mrg)
CSE280H: Seminar in Human Computation Systems
CSE280I: Seminar on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management
CSE280J: Seminar on Computer Graphics
CSE280K: Sales and Marketing for Technologists and Engineers
CSE280L: Seminar on Logic in Computer Science
CSE280M: Seminar on Machine Learning
CSE280N: Seminar on Networks
CSE280O: Seminar in Applied Programming Languages
  • Section 01
    Lindsey Kuper (lkuper)
    Tyler Rey Sorensen (tysorens)
  • Section 01
    Lindsey Kuper (lkuper)
    Tyler Rey Sorensen (tysorens)
  • Section 01
    Lindsey Kuper (lkuper)
    Tyler Rey Sorensen (tysorens)
CSE280P: Seminar on Parallel Processing
CSE280S: Seminar on Computer Systems
CSE280T: Seminar on New Technologies
CSE280V: Seminar on Computer Vision
CSE280X: Seminar in Distributed Systems
CSE280Z: Seminar in Natural Language Processing and Dialogue
CSE285: Technical Writing for Engineering Graduates
CSE290A: Topics in Algorithms and Complexity Theory: Probabilistic Algorithms and Average Case Analysis
CSE290C: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
CSE290D: Neural Computation
CSE290E: Object-Oriented Programming Methodology
CSE290F: Applications of Combinatorics
CSE290G: Topics in Software Engineering
CSE290H: Topics in Database Systems
CSE290J: Advanced Topics in Visual Computing
CSE290K: Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing
CSE290L: Topics in Crowdsourcing and Collaboration
CSE290M: Topics in Parallel Computation
CSE290N: Topics in Computer Performance
CSE290O: Algorithmic Foundations of Convex Optimization
CSE290P: Data Privacy via Machine Learning, and Back
CSE290Q: Topics in Programming Languages
CSE290S: Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
CSE290T: Topics in Computing for Society
CSE290X: Cryptography and Computer Security
CSE290Y: Quantum Computing
CSE293: Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering