AM20: Mathematical Methods for Engineers II

Applications-oriented class on ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and systems of ODEs using Matlab as a computational support tool. Covers linear ODEs and systems of linear ODEs; nonlinear ODEs using substitution and Laplace transforms; phase-plane analysis; introduction to numerical methods. Students cannot receive credit for this course and MATH 24. (Formerly AMS 20.) Prerequisite(s): MATH 19B or MATH 20B, and AM 10 or MATH 21.

5 credits

Year Fall Winter Spring Summer
  • Section 01
    Dongwook Lee (dlee79)
    Kenneth Paulo Francisco Caluya (kcaluya)
    Meiying Li (mli112)
  • Section 01
    Qi Gong (qgong)
    Kenneth Paulo Francisco Caluya (kcaluya)

Formerly AMS 0020

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